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Accessibility Statement

H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company will continually strive to make this website accessible for all of our users. We will continually search for more efficient ways of displaying our Building Products, Materials and Services so that our website is clear, accessible and easy to navigate.

Our Accessibility Commitment

We understand that some elements of this website may not be accessible. However, we are actively designing and editing our pages to make sure that all of our user's time spent with us is a pleasurable experience. It is H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company's ongoing mission to obtain complete compatibility with all types of Accessibility technologies.

Your Contributions

You are contributing to the creation and design process of this website now, and leading into the future. We respect our user's feedback and are extremely grateful for it. While we may not be able to make all of the requested changes, we value everyone's input. If you are interested in contributing to our Accessibility efforts, please email with any questions, concerns or suggestions with the title of the communication "Accessibility". We look forward to building with you.

Translate Us

In our efforts to be accessible, H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company's website can be translated into over 100 different and beautiful languages. This feature can be located within the third tab that is fixated on the left of your screen throughout the entire website. We will be continually working to make this feature more Accessible.

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The Sogo Accessibility wheelchair icon located on the bottom right of your screen is another great way to change how this website uses color. For keyboard users, this can be opened by pressing Alt+A. This feature gives all of our users the ability to change contrast, text size (which may distort the site), stop animations, underline links or take the color completely out of our website. We will be working to make this feature more robust for all of our users.

Navigate Us

H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company's website is designed to be keyboard friendly. We understand that it may be a little cumbersome to tab over all of the structural elements that makes up our menu and navigation. However, we are continuously striving to make all of our vendor's products and services stand out in a unique way for anyone who is searching. We ask that all of our users have patience as we endeavor to make each page more enjoyable and accessible. As we build to become easier to navigate, we are extremely grateful for the time that our users give to us when exploring this website.

Read Us

H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company's website is designed differently for each device that it is displayed on. If our users are using a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer, our website will display different messages and images in relation to the device's screen size. We will always continue to write a story behind every image and provide a transcript wherever there is a video without closed captioned options.

Our Effort

H.J. Opdyke Lumber Company puts this website through intense scrutiny for our user's accessibility needs. We undergo testing for over 381 pages from WebAIM. We will continue to design and build our website to make it 100% accessible for all of our users. We understand that we have a lot of work ahead of us however, we are excited for the future of accessibility and commit our efforts to the needs of all of our users.